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SAFEGUARD is the culmination of our group thesis. Knowledge, data, creativity, all wrapped into a convenient package. 

We address climate change mitigation at the community scale by providing recommendations for effective strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). We performed cost-benefit analyses on 20 GHG reduction strategies such as installing efficient appliances, taking public transit and installing solar panels. Combined with relevant geographic requirements, these analyses informed development of our software model and serve as the basis for tailored GHG reduction plans. Dubbed SAFEGUARD, our software prioritizes reduction strategies based on cost effectiveness.

SAFEGUARD addresses the political feasibility of implementing strategies by allowing the user to override the software’s economic prioritization. Accompanying the software is a user manual and detailed methods describing the processes used to build the model and determine the required inputs. We have created a useful tool for consultants and governments to determine optimal greenhouse gas reduction strategies at the community scale.

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