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早安: zǎo ān (Good Morning)

After a great day off, including the tour of Nanjing, the group was ready to begin work Monday morning.
Michael started off the meeting with a recap of previous discussions as well as overall recommendations for progressing with SAFEGUARD-China creation. He then handed off the discussion to Allison who drew up images for a potential interface for the software. Finally, Justin ended the groups direction setting introduction providing a basic flow chart of SAFEGUARD framework and logic.

The entire group took it from there and added additional detail to the framework. The morning was one of the most productive yet and to celebrate the group went out to a fantastic lunch and tour around Nanjing University.

After lunch the group got back to work and made the decision to break into two groups. One group lead by Aaron and Allison moved forward with database creation for baselines. The other group lead by Gavin, Justin and Michael moved on with framework creation for strategies, scenarios and goals.

The entire team left satisfied with the days work, looking forward to more progress.

The night was filled with good times as "The 5" plus Lei Yue visited the lake in the middle of the city to find it was too late for paddle boats. This was followed by an adventurous bus journey out to the river. Near the river the gang experienced a large group of choreographed dancers and then a delicious meal.

Good good times in China!