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China: Saturday

When you wake up at 6 am thinking it is 8 am you know you are off to the start of a great day (Thanks Gavin). The group got together around 7:30 am to grab breakfast snacks and take a walk through the local city park.

Walking in the park provided an amazing experience, during which we realized how much individualism is appreciated in China. All the locals in the park were truly doing their own thing—singing, dancing, tai chi, kung fu, and even some strange exercises we were previously unaware of. Here “The 5” experienced their first moments of being Chinese celebrities, as they were asked to tell children to stay off drugs for a local campaign.

After the fun at the park, it was off to meetings and work. While it took sometime to get settled into working conditions, all collaborators entertained lengthy conversations about baseline emissions and how the Chinese students might fit these calculations into the model. The real fun of the meeting came when discussion of optimization arose. The big question; “Should we optimize? And if so, using what?” While SAFEGUARD is meant to optimize strategies based on Cost($)/GHG they question of whether this was appropriate for China came up. The answer to the question was never determined, but it was decided that cost should necessarily be through out. Additionally, GDP and a “metric for ease of implementation” might be viable alternatives.

Following the wonderful discussion the entire group including advisors and Chinese students shared a wonderful meal, where it became very apparent that the Chinese believe that Americans eat way more than they do. After the meal “The 5” experienced their second chance at stardom as they were asked to be on Chinese television. Stoked at the prospects “The 5” could not turn down the opportunity and will be seen sometime in August on a Chinese channel near you.

The amazing day became night with a walk on a lake in the city, where locals could be seen dancing in unison and cruising around on boats adorned with bright red lights.

On a late night search for a supermarket, we saw an arcade. Aaron was mesmerized by the flashy lights; he darted across the street without paying any attention to the crazy drivers. As we walked inside, we were met with a teenage version of Las Vegas! There were so many games and lots of cigarette smoking. We played a racing game and a basketball game; I’m sure we will be visiting this place again soon!

“The 5” will sleep well tonight awaiting tomorrow's great adventure.

晚安 "Whan On" (Good night)