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China: Friday

“The 5” finally met their Chinese counterparts for a great discussion session. The Dean of the Nanjing School of the Environment, Professor Bi, gave a wonderful introduction followed by the infamous presentation of our SAFEGUARD project. Wonderful discussion ensued, providing “the 5” with their most intense questions yet.

Lunch was a great cultural experience as we dove into hot pots, mountain potatoes, sticky rice, various soups and other delicious cuisine.

Following lunch, discussion continued and a barrier between cultures and languages came to the forefront of attention. Despite the obstacles a productive outcome was made leaving tomorrow’s work plan set. We will tackle the issue of data collection and baseline calculations for China communities.

Tonight we will enjoy the evening sites, food and drink with our new friends in an open-air market near the Confucius Temple.

您是不是要找 "Zai jian" (Good-bye)